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Gold is the sweat of the sun!.

”mitos” is the spanish word for myths – an important notion with the south american indians who spiritualized nature around them. To them, gold was the sweat of the sun and silver the tears of the moon! You will recognize the same fascination with nature and respect for its raw materials in Miryam Stenderup’s jewellery design, which elegantly expresses her colombian background in a refined, light scandinavian minimalistic style.

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Minimalist handmade Scandinavian jewellery with a Latin American twist

The materials for mitos jewellery come from nature: gemstones, gold and silver selected to uncompromising standards by Miryam Stenderup, who also shapes each individual piece herself, adding a very personal touch to the jewellery.  

Discover our collections of earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets in silver, gold plated or gold  with diamonds and gemstones.

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Our fine jewellery collection is handcrafted for that extra discerning person looking for a totally unique statement. These earrings and bands are in a category all of their own!

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Keshi pearls are beautiful small non-nucleated pearls composed entirely of nacre. In Japanese all pearls that grow without a nucleus are called "poppy" (ケシ) 

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your long earrings with small studs, different sizes hoops and create your own perfect and unique look!

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